Machinery Moving Division

Adam Forester

Project Manager – MMD

(260) 755-9372

Bob Schneider

Project Manager – MMD

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Rick Deckena

Project Manager – MMD

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Heavy machinery, light work.

We specialize in providing top-notch heavy machinery handling services to make your facility completely effective. Our primary market is manufacturing plants that use heavy machinery for stamping, metalworking, machining, forging, or plastic molding.

Our team of specialists is dedicated to handling your heavy machinery handling needs. We provide loading and unloading, rearrangement, transportation, and removal services, as well as assembly and disassembly services upon request. Our experience, dependability, and innovation have earned us a reputation as one of the Midwest’s finest moving and installation companies.

At G & L Corporation, we understand that working with heavy equipment bears its own challenges. Therefore, we offer custom handling services that cater to the individual requirements of every job. We have the skills and equipment necessary to handle heavy loads, tall and narrow or low and long pieces, and modern machinery that incorporates a substantial amount of electronics.

Our precision millwright work is one of our hallmarks. We specialize in optical alignment and machine leveling, and our 24-hour maintenance and repair services ensure that your equipment stays in top shape. We also have certified welders available to better handle your needs.

If you need to improve your internal transporting equipment, we have you covered with our conveyor installation services. We have installed miles of conveyor systems, both overhead and floor level, to help our clients increase their productivity and efficiency.

At G & L Corporation, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, productivity, and efficiency. We believe that these qualities, coupled with our extensive and careful planning, enable us to provide complete service to all our clients. So, if you need heavy machinery handling services, look no further than G & L Corporation’s Machinery Moving Division.