Gabe Buchman

Vice President – ASD

(260) 466-3204

Metal Mastery

Our team understands the complexity of the automotive manufacturing industry and consistently delivers projects under strict production and time constraints. We actively partner with our customers to understand their needs, whether that’s working within a plant with limited interruptions to existing production or ensuring critical equipment is installed before startup. We know the urgency of emergency production downtime situations and are prepared to respond accordingly.

Some of the projects we’ve completed for automotive suppliers and manufacturers include equipment installation, fabrication and installation of structural steel, press settings, and machine maintenance.

One of the core elements of this industry is industrial ferrous and non-ferrous mills and the melt systems associated with those mills. Our industrial metal experts are capable of repairing equipment and building an entire mill from the ground up. We can also refurbish or upgrade existing industrial processing facilities.

At G&L, we work with our clients in all aspects of industrial metal construction and repair. This includes EAF, SAF, and RHF furnaces, rolling mills and slitters, reheat furnaces, reformer and heat recovery units, and baghouse repairs and installation.


After construction, for the life of your facility, G&L Corporation is available 24/7, 365 days a year for preventative maintenance, routine repairs, and even emergency services. Our technicians receive continuous industry training on new equipment and software as well as OSHA certified safety training.